The Sky

I had planned today to have everyone give a last check on their characters. But then Holly Ingraham (Dreamway) was wonderful and sent along an article she wrote about the satellites around your world, and has given permission for this to be the Day 25 exercise.

Read this. It's marvelous and should remind us all that the moon can serve to give our story light, darkness, or mood-- but not at certain times of the month.

The title refers to rainbows, and perhaps Holly will give a brief recap on rainbows as they apply to world-building.


Read this article and then figure out: how many moons does your world have? How long is a month for each of them? What are they named? Do you have any scenes already plotted in which moonlight is absolutely necessary? If so, be sure to write down the phase of the moon you need on that date, and use that date as your "touchstone" for what phase the moon will be in on other days. If you need to, write out the moon's calendar and as scenes happen when you write them in November, jot them into your calendar so you know what kind of moon your folks might encounter at those times.

Note: I had a lot of comments and feedback and a great writeup on planetary motion from a friend of mine. Computer changes have made it impossible for me to recapture all of them, but if/when I manage to get them together, I'll post a summary and link here for you.